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Our Methods

Living longer, staying stronger - a forty year discovery of the body’s potential
Our Methods

The Pilates Method is a unique system of body conditioning that strengthens ligaments and joints, lengthens muscles and increases flexibility and control.  A focused form of exercise integrating mind, body and spirit, Pilates will give you longer leaner muscles, a stronger central core, increased body awareness and efficient movement and effective postural alignment.

The Pilates Method has been used (and further developed) by dancers, but also professional athletes for over 75 years.  However the focus and technical finesse of Pilates means that it can be used by anybody, regardless of age, size, fitness levels or flexibility.

Pilates will improve your condition, range of motion, posture, alleviate pain from poor body use and can be used to improve your technique at any sport or physical hobby (dancing, etc).  Better body awareness and posture in movement can also lead to more efficient training in other disciplines, be it running, weight-lifting, rowing, yoga, salsa.

  • alleviate pain and disability resulting from injury or chronic conditions

  • correct your posture and return your body to its naturally balanced state

  • strengthen and lengthen muscles, for better general health, increased stamina and performance

  • teach your body to react more healthily to stress and tension

  • boost self image with a more comfortable and graceful body


'my work with Loretta will inform my movement, and my approach to all physical disciplines, for the rest of my life’


‘a teacher who motivates her students’


‘I wanted a master teacher with deep knowledge and a range of methods.  I found that and more with Loretta’


‘My back hasn't gone out on me once since I started taking the class – and that is saying a lot’

‘enorme bewondering voor haar geoefend oog en voor haar diepgaande kennis van het menselijke bewegingsapparaat’

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