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Loretta Simon Helms

Living longer, staying stronger - a forty year discovery of the body’s potential

Loretta Simon Helms - Founder.


Loretta’s life journey, teaching and training people of all ages and all abilities, has honed her insight into each client’s unique physiology and potential movement functionality and efficiency.  Her genuine enjoyment of people and contagious sense of humor, creates a relaxed environment for learning and healing.  Loretta’s wealth of experience allows her to devise specific exercises for each body, body type or issue, even on-demand during a class.  Clients learn quickly and become engaged in improving their own personal physical health.  They absorb techniques to achieve their best at whatever age or ability. 

Loretta Simon Helms, M.S.Ed. began teaching Pilates in 1981. She studied with Alan Herdman (Herdman Studios of London) while teaching at Houston Ballet Academy's Pilates Studio.  She later studied with Robert Fitzgerald Studios in NYC and was a member of the Physicalmind Institute for the Pilates Method. 


In addition, she has US teaching licenses in dance, psychology, learning disabilities and English, and a medical license in massage therapy. Her professional career includes work as a choreographer, dance teacher and educator at Cleveland School of the Arts.  Her most recent creation, based on Ravel’s Shéhérazade, was performed by the Verb Ballet, Cleveland in 2019. 


Loretta also uses body techniques of Rudolph Laban in Effort/Shape theory, Sweigard's Ideokinesis (Franklin method) a dynamic alignment technique, and Alexander work in her lessons.


'my work with Loretta will inform my movement, and my approach to all physical disciplines, for the rest of my life’


‘a teacher who motivates her students’


‘I wanted a master teacher with deep knowledge and a range of methods.  I found that and more with Loretta’


‘My back hasn't gone out on me once since I started taking the class – and that is saying a lot’

‘enorme bewondering voor haar geoefend oog en voor haar diepgaande kennis van het menselijke bewegingsapparaat’

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