Discover the full potential of your body
New Venue - New Class
Pilates for EveryBody

Modern Fitness Barre Class at Kompaszaal. Thurs at 19:00


A multi-disciplinary class, shaped through years’ of experience in dance / teaching / pilates / rehab.  Use the support and resistance of the barre and floor to:


Improve movement integration

Enhance your balance

Lengthen muscles

Expand breathing capacity and techniques

Explore and enjoy all the planes of movement

Complement high impact fitness regime

Ease back stiffness / pain

Pilates / movement - group or private classes, mat or equipment, rehab or prehab, in Amsterdam or via Zoom.


Work with Pilates Master teacher, Loretta Simon Helms M.S.Ed. or one of her hand picked teachers to discover the full potential of your body.


Loretta has been teaching Pilates and other movement techniques for over forty years in the US and Europe.

"a complete 'wellness' approach to using my body ... given me greater awareness about my body, allowing me to be more effective in my daily activities and in other forms of exercise" ES

Join one of our classes and discover the full potential of your body:


Group Mat Classes - from pre-pilates to strong flow, also mens-only


Equipment Classes - at the Pilates for EveryBody studio, individual or group


Private/tailored - choose your venue, design your own program, solo or group


Rehab/prehab - COVID and other rehab, prepare for life challenges

‘...private Zoom classes ... a lifeline during COVID times.’ LJ


‘fun and challenging...calm and good it’s inspiring… I highly recommend all her courses’ DdB


‘Bovendien ben ik inmiddels soepeler dan zo'n twintig jaar geleden. Een geweldig resultaat dankzij Pilates en een geweldige lerares’ MdR