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Discover the full potential of your body with Loretta Simon
About Loretta


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What is Pilates?

The Pilates Method is a unique system of body conditioning that strengthens ligaments and joints, lengthens muscles and increases flexibility and control.  A focused form of exercise integrating mind, body and spirit, Pilates will give you longer leaner muscles, a stronger central core, increased body awareness and efficient movement and effective postural alignment.

The Pilates Method has been used (and further developed) by dancers, but also professional athletes for over 75 years.  However the focus and technical finesse of Pilates means that it can be used by anybody, regardless of age, size, fitness levels or flexibility.


Join one of our classes and discover the full potential of your body:


Group Mat Classes - from pre-pilates to strong flow, also mens-only (Link)


Equipment Classes - at the Pilates for EveryBody studio, individual or group (Link)


Private/tailored - choose your venue, design your own program, solo or group (Link)


Rehab/prehab - COVID and other rehab, prepare for life challenges (Link)

A forty year discovery of the body’s potential

Pilates / movement - group or private classes, mat or equipment, rehab or prehab, with Pilates Master teacher, Loretta Simon Helms M.S.Ed. in Amsterdam or via Zoom.  Discover the full potential of your body with Loretta.  Loretta has been teaching Pilates and other movement techniques for over forty years in the US and Europe.

Living longer, staying stronger
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